In case you were wondering...

What surgeries does Dr. Yorgason perform?

(*Many of these surgeries can often be done at the center, others are done at the hospital)

Pediatric ear tubes

Pediatric tonsils and adenoids affecting ear and sinus disease

*Balloon dilation of the eustachian tubes

*Balloon sinuplasty (less invasive sinus procedures)

*Endoscopic sinus surgery

*Septoplasty with nasal valve repair (Latera implants)

*Eardrum repair (Tympanoplasty, myringoplasty)

Surgery for chronic ear disease (mastoidectomy, ear canal and mastoid reconstruction)

Surgery for dizziness (Meniere's disease, Benign positional vertigo)

Surgery for hearing loss (Stapedectomy, ossicular reconstruction, Baha implants, Cochlear implants)

Many other ear, nose and throat procedures

Do we take insurance?

Yes, we take most insurances.

Is it safe for kids and adults to have a sinus CT?

Our Xoran in-office scanner is designed to take low radiation scans of the ears and sinus.  Even the most-detailed scan has only a fraction of the radiation compared to a CT scan of the sinus done in a hospital or imaging center.  We also have even lower radiation protocols for kids.

How is it possible to not wait at a doctors office?

We design the office visit around the patient.  We have the number of staff, number of rooms, and flow designed with one purpose - you!  We don't overbook, we set aside the time for you.

How is it possible to see less patients, and afford to give patients more time with the doctor?

Patients without insurance, or self-pay patients, can still see and doctor and they pay for their visit on the same day. Patients who have insurance also deserve transparency of the cost of the visit, and upfront explanation of what the insurance may and may not cover.  Same day payment collections based on eligibility and deductible status will help support the practice.  We will work with patients including setting up payment plans.  Upfront payments will save the office money that is normally spent on the process of collecting funds from insurance companies and collection agencies.  The assurance of better care and a better experience at the doctor's office incentivizes the patients to pay for that care.  Providing same-day testing and treatments saves the patients time and money usually spent on extra doctor visits and unnecessary testing and/or doctor shopping. Simply put, we help you feel more comfortable paying for the care you are getting by giving you the best care possible!


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