Dr. Yorgason has developed a modern approach to the ear, nose and throat with an emphasis on the ears and sinuses.

How it works:

Step 1

Less Waiting

You are greeted and taken into a private room.

  • you can preregister so we can collect your information prior to the visit
  • we anticipate any tests needed that can be performed on-site
  • we collect pertinent information and help you avoid excessive paperwork 
  • you relax in a private spa-like room while we verify your information

Step 2

More time with the doctor

Dr. Josh reviews your medical information and results with you.

  • you are assigned a patient care specialist who facilitates your visit
  • you have dedicated time with the doctor
  • we review your treatment plan and explain all costs of the services 
  • we collect an upfront payment, which allows us to spend more time with each patient

Step 3

Same day relief  

By the end of your visit you will...

  • have answers to your questions
  • be offered treatment solutions
  • we will facilitate any prescriptions or other recommended therapies, future on-site procedures or surgeries
  • be refreshed, feel optimistic, and be energized about your health and your desired quality of life!

Our Services:


Dr. Yorgason offers the following Ear, Nose and Throat services at the North Minneapolis / North St.Paul location (Blaine, Minnesota)

Good Hearing, Good life!

Hearing and Balance

Finally get answers about your ears, your hearing and balance!

Our center provides

  • comprehensive inner ear testing
  • education on hearing aids and other solutions for your hearing 
  • the most advanced hearing aids with service by experienced audiology professionals
  • on-site balance therapy and physical therapy for other head and neck conditions
Breathe Life!

Your Sinus Health

Save time and avoid repeat visits with in-office imaging and procedures. 

Dr. Josh offers at our center

  • same-day low-radiation ear & sinus imaging
  • diagnostic endoscopy with state-of-the-art educational video equipment
  • minimally invasive balloon sinuplasty and other in-office surgeries
  • quicker recovery / return to work 

A Complete Wellness Approach

Comprehensive Ear, Nose and Throat Care for kids and adults

Dr. Josh believes in...

  • a compassionate approach to patients with ENT conditions
  • families and in taking a special approach to kids with ENT issues
  • a healthy diet, exercise and promoting lifestyle choices that will improve your health condition 
  • collaborating with like-minded health and wellness professionals 

Why not have better health care?

At Minnesota Ear & Sinus Center we aim to give you an exceptional health care experience.  We understand you. Our goal is to make your experience better by giving you exactly what you need.


Principles that guide our center:

  • State-of-the-Art Care for Ear, Nose & Throat disease

  • A specialized approach to the Ears and Sinuses

  • Compassionate and thoughtful diagnosis and treatment 

  • Less waiting, less paperwork, and more time with the doctor

  • Same-day diagnostic testing and medical treatment

  • Many surgeries performed in our center with faster recovery

  • Less stress - a relaxing spa-like environment


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Dr. Josh Yorgason

Cochlear Implant Surgeon

Minimally Invasive Sinus Expert

Hearing and Balance Specialist

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